Vulcan Moth

A linocut print of a giant red moth flying over erupting volcanoes

Vulcan Moth

This print was an exercise in scale, just like the Solar Octopus. I wanted to create a juxtaposition featuring a giant creature in an environment it would never actually be found in. It shows off the collision of nature’s raw power and ethereal beauty. Earth’s early history was one of cataclysmic forces that left it molten and uninhabitable. Meanwhile, moths have a mysterious and delicate beauty, with their wings displaying intricate camouflage patterns. Here the moth takes on a mythical proportion, as if it has emerged from the very heart of the volcanic turmoil.


Linocut Print

16″ x 20″

Signed and Numbered Edition of 18

Each print is handmade and contains minor variations as a result of the printmaking process. Made with oil-based ink on acid-free archival paper.